Innovative New Solution for plastic

Innovative New Solution for plastic

Ordinary Plastic Bags Pollute The Earth…What Can Be Done?

Look in any American kitchen and you’ll find plastic zip bags. They’re lightweight, portable, and incredibly convenient. Whether you’re packing a “to-go” snack or storing leftovers, zip bags are the perfect solution. But the sad truth is, they’re polluting our Earth with plastic.

What can be done? You could stop using plastic completely and try those reusable glass containers, but they take up way more space and they’re not portable. Imagine sending kids to school with their lunch in a glass container — it’s a recipe for disaster!

What if there was a simple solution that offers the same convenience and durability of a plastic zip bag — but doesn’t cause so much excess pollution, and actually benefits the Earth when you’re done with it?

Stop Using Wasteful Plastic Bags And Switch To This Innovative New Solution

Commercially compostable*

Low Waste Product

Extra-Strength Design

BPA-Free, Plant-Based Material

Nourishes The Soil

Snack, Sandwich, Quart, & Gallon

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