Solar power plant

Solar power plant

“These solar power plants are a Godsend." ★★★★★

Whether it’s a freak winter storm, raging wildfire or dangerous blackout…

THIS is your lifeline in a crisis.

It's peace of mind that you can...

  • Call family and friends in an emergency
  • Signal for help from first responders
  • Stay connected to critical weather updates

But please act fast.

Recent events have folks taking stock of their own preparedness plans. And people are realizing that in a crisis…

Communication is Critical to Survival

Without power for your phone and other devices, how do you…

Alert emergency responders?

Call friends and relatives to tell them you’re safe?

Or call them to see if they’re safe?

And the sad fact is, these are the actual questions that many people in Florida had to answer after hurricanes Ian and Nicole blew through.

And it doesn’t take a Category 4 storm to get there. We've seen ice storms, wildfires and everyday accidents wipe out power in an instant. Without any warning.

And when a freak ice storm knocked out Texas' power grid, Pam was thankful she could stay connected to family...


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