Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector


Stop Electronic Spying In Its Tracks

There’s a disturbing trend of hidden cameras being found in rental properties, hotels, changing rooms and other private locations.

11% of vacation home renters said they had discovered a hidden camera during a stay. That’s just what we know. But just imagine what keeps going on behind the scenes, without anyone suspecting a thing.

So how can you be sure?

It’s simple: Just sweep the room with the Hero Privacy Pen and wait for the signal to alert you.



State-of-the-Art WiFi & RF Detection

If you still think high-tech electronic spying is extremely hard to do or that it’s something reserved for action films, think again.

You can literally buy a pinhead-sized hidden camera on Amazon for $7.99. And rest assured that stalkers, voyeurs, and other weirdos know that very well.

However, whether it’s hidden cameras, GPS trackers or audio surveillance, the Hero Privacy Pen will find it.

With the Hero Privacy Pen, you’re the hunter, not the prey.


One-Button Operation: Even children can use it!

For children, the elderly and anyone in-between, the Hero Privacy Pen is a proven, essential weapon against invisible intruders.

Especially so in 2023, when privacy has become an endangered species.

With one-button operation and 100% effectiveness, it only takes a minute to learn to confidently use the Hero Privacy Pen to keep your privacy intact.

Just point it at suspicious areas around the room and if it lights up or beeps, you’re being monitored, so all that’s left is to call the authorities and leave the room.


It Also Detects Audio Bugs, AirTags & Other Tracking Devices!

If you search the web for AirTag abuse, you’ll be flooded with nerve-racking stories about criminal use of these seemingly harmless devices.

There are already hundreds of cases about individuals slipping this device into women’s shopping bags, jackets, even purses…

Meaning, AirTags are already commonly used for stalking and car thefts.

All with the intention to track them and wait for the moment when they’re an easy target.

Made with this in mind, the Hero Privacy Pen instantly detects and alerts you of these devices from up to 20 ft away.


Fast USA Shipping & Guaranteed Delivery

Run by an American business and proudly shipped from American soil the moment you order, the Hero Privacy Pen will be at your door within days.

That’s why securing your own and your loved one’s privacy with the Hero Privacy Pen really is a win-win.

You help a small business and employees during economic hard times, while getting fast, local USPS delivery.


Discreet & Travel Friendly

Travel much? If you want that peace of mind knowing that your most candid moments are yours only and nobody else’s, then the Hero Privacy Pen is an absolute must-have.

It’s pocket-sized, easily portable, and TSA-friendly, so you can keep it in your purse or pocket at all times, no matter where you travel.

The long lasting charge ensures it’s ready when you need it most, and it is quickly recharged with a USB-C charging cable just like most smartphones.


It’s Become An Absolute Go-To For Caring Parents Nation-Wide!

Think telling your children to “Be careful!” is enough to keep them safe? Reports state otherwise.

With a rise in cybercrime of over 600% and over 30,000 documented cases of hidden camera filmings in South Korea (where the only thorough research has been conducted), children nowadays need more than a word of caring advice.

They need the tools and knowledge to face and neutralize the hidden eyes themselves.

So don’t wait; Get the Hero Privacy Pen today and join thousands of security professionals, bloggers, and privacy-conscious individuals who have already made the switch.


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