Crony Heater

Crony Heater

As natural gas supplies dwindle and prices skyrocket, fears of being unable to heat your home are becoming more real every day.

Natural gas prices are more than 10 times higher than usual for this time of the year.

As a result, people are scrambling to find a way to keep from freezing during what is predicted to be a record-breaking cold winter.

While other heaters with a similar form factor may claim to heat any space and save money, they really only provide as much heat as a small hairdryer (around 350 watts).

But Crony Heater operates at an amazing effiency, delivering POWERFUL heating in just seconds! It’s the perfect way to keep warm while saving big.

Crony Heater is a PTC ceramic heater. This means it uses special heating discs to produce enough heat to quickly warm up small spaces. What’s great about PTC heaters like Alpha Heater is that as the heat increases, the power consumption drops – and, most importantly, you and your family stay warm


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